The Next Step

There are so many types of guitars these days in so many price ranges that it can be overwhelming to select just one out of literally hundreds of choices. The Internet has online dealers advertising great prices and free shipping. Mass-produced guitars made with inferior woods and materials are saturating the US market. These guitars are made in large factories in Korea, China, Mexico, Indonesia, and other emerging countries. Some of these guitars can be quite good in one area (like appearance) but they are inferior in others (playability). Many reputable guitar companies now carry lines of lower-end models that are built overseas (Fender, Dean, Epiphone, Alvarez, Ibanez, Takamine, Yamaha, Washburn). Guitar stores now have their own “line” of inexpensive imported guitars (Carlos Robelli, Johnson, Rogue, Brownsville) .

Before you make your selection, you need to get your hands on it. Look it completely over. Press the strings down all over the fretboard. Strum it. Make sure it fits your hands and arms and sounds great! Below are just a few recommendations to auditions for your first guitar:

Yamaha FG730S
Seagull S6
Taylor GS Mini
Alvarez AF30


Note: some guitar models can vary significantly, even within the same model.  Take your time and audition several guitars.

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